Our Story

We, as mother and daughter originally started making  butter toffee for friends and family as a gift or special thank you.  Stories were being told to us that they refused to share it and had hidden it because of its decadence.  We had many requests to purchase the candy which we were not selling.  Thus, that was the start of Sin-sational Confections.  We are making candy, but not just any sweet treat.  This is candy that oozes with love because that is what it is made with.  At Sin-sational Confections, we understand the meaning of “reward.”  We all deserve to enjoy some simple pleasure in life.  Decadent treats offer a reward to each of us for the milestones we achieve in our lives.  Fabulous tasting butter toffee is just one way to say thank you to ourselves and to others!  We are located in Elk Grove, Ca.  We certainly hope you enjoy this toffee as much as we enjoy making it for you.  You will find it simply sinful!

Mission Statement

Sin-sational Confections is committed to making the best tasting and highest quality premium butter toffee available In the United States.   We are dedicated to using only the finest all natural gluten free ingredients to provide you with the best tasting handmade butter toffee you have ever experienced.  We are focused on customer satisfaction and loyalty. We achieve this by consistently offering premium tasting toffee with every bite.  Our number one goal is to consistently exceed our customer’s expectations with each batch we make.  Your enjoyment is the key to our success.